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The Dutch group Mommur Chasma, consisting of Floris Sirag and Petyr Veenstra, is a group that creates sounds based on improvisation and selfdeveloping structures. Using synthetics, microphones, acoustic instruments, instant sound sources, all kind of electronica and environmental sounds they create a sometimes abstract, sometimes dreamy, sometimes estranging atmosphere in which the sounds and rhythms are able to develop and transform.

On this website most of the new music will be released. You can listen to and download a lot of the recordings from the period 1995- 2007 in the sound archive.

Mommur Chasma live in the Casa Electronica, august 2000

Botsbad releases:

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Mommur Chasma: Parelspanner (Pearlspinner)
Vogelvallei (Birdvalley) / Spookschip (Phantom Ship) / Zeeverdoving (Seanumbing) / Krakend bos in maanlicht (Creaking wood in moonlight) / Boktor (Capricorn beetle) / Nevelmoeraskijn (Mirage) / De blikfabriek (The tinfactory) / Fluistergewelf (Whisperdome) / Parelspanner (Pearlspinner) / Luchtspiegeling (Fata Morgana) / Het gewichtloosheidsprincipe (The weightlessness principle)


The silent wood download

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